Library prosa.classic.model.schedule.apa.interference_edf

Require Import prosa.classic.util.all.
Require Import prosa.classic.model.arrival.basic.task prosa.classic.model.arrival.basic.job prosa.classic.model.priority prosa.classic.model.arrival.basic.task_arrival.
Require Import
Require Import prosa.classic.model.schedule.apa.affinity prosa.classic.model.schedule.apa.interference
From mathcomp Require Import ssreflect ssrbool ssrfun eqtype ssrnat seq fintype bigop.

Module InterferenceEDF.

  Import Schedule Priority Platform Interference Priority Affinity.

  Section Lemmas.

    Context {sporadic_task: eqType}.
    Context {Job: eqType}.
    Variable job_arrival: Job time.
    Variable job_cost: Job time.
    Variable job_deadline: Job time.
    Variable job_task: Job sporadic_task.

    (* Assume any job arrival sequence... *)
    Variable arr_seq: arrival_sequence Job.

    (* Consider any schedule. *)
    Variable num_cpus: nat.
    Variable sched: schedule Job num_cpus.

    (* Assume that every job at any time has a processor affinity alpha. *)
    Variable alpha: task_affinity sporadic_task num_cpus.

    (* Assume that the schedule satisfies the global scheduling invariant
       for EDF, i.e., if any job of tsk is backlogged, every processor
       must be busy with jobs with no larger absolute deadline. *)

    Hypothesis H_scheduler_uses_EDF:
      respects_JLFP_policy_under_weak_APA job_arrival job_cost job_task arr_seq sched
                                          alpha (EDF job_arrival job_deadline).

    (* Under EDF scheduling, a job only causes interference if its deadline
       is not larger than the deadline of the analyzed job. *)

    Lemma interference_under_edf_implies_shorter_deadlines :
       j j' t1 t2,
        arrives_in arr_seq j'
        job_interference job_arrival job_cost job_task sched alpha j' j t1 t2 != 0
        job_arrival j + job_deadline j job_arrival j' + job_deadline j'.
      rename H_scheduler_uses_EDF into PRIO.
      unfold respects_JLDP_policy_under_weak_APA in ×.
      intros j j' t1 t2 ARR' INTERF.
      unfold job_interference in INTERF.
      destruct ([ t': 'I_t2,
                   [ cpu: processor num_cpus,
                      (t' t1) &&
                      backlogged job_arrival job_cost sched j' t' &&
                      can_execute_on alpha (job_task j') cpu &&
                      scheduled_on sched j cpu t']]) eqn:EX.
        move: EX ⇒ /existsP [t' /existsP [cpu /andP [/andP [/andP [LE BACK] CAN] SCHED]]].
        by specialize (PRIO j' j cpu t' ARR' BACK SCHED CAN).
        apply negbT in EX; rewrite negb_exists in EX; move: EX ⇒ /forallP ALL.
        rewrite big_nat_cond (eq_bigr (fun x ⇒ 0)) in INTERF;
          first by rewrite -big_nat_cond big_const_nat iter_addn mul0n addn0 eq_refl in INTERF.
        movei /andP [/andP [GEi LTi] _].
        specialize (ALL (Ordinal LTi)).
        rewrite negb_exists in ALL.
        move: ALL ⇒ /forallP ALL.
        rewrite (eq_bigr (fun x ⇒ 0));
          first by rewrite big_const_ord iter_addn mul0n addn0.
        intros cpu _; specialize (ALL cpu); simpl in ALL.
        destruct (backlogged job_arrival job_cost sched j' i); last by rewrite andFb.
        rewrite GEi 2!andTb in ALL; rewrite andTb.
        by apply negbTE in ALL; rewrite ALL.

  End Lemmas.

End InterferenceEDF.