Library prosa.model.priority.fifo

FIFO Priority Policy

We define the basic FIFO priority policy, under which jobs are prioritized in order of their arrival times. The FIFO policy belongs to the class of JLFP policies.
#[export] Instance FIFO (Job : JobType) `{JobArrival Job} : JLFP_policy Job :=
  hep_job (j1 j2 : Job) := job_arrival j1 job_arrival j2

In this section, we prove a few basic properties of the FIFO policy.
Section Properties.

Consider any type of jobs with arrival times.
  Context {Job : JobType}.
  Context `{JobArrival Job}.

FIFO is reflexive.
FIFO is transitive.
FIFO is total.
We add the above lemmas into a "Hint Database" basic_rt_facts, so Coq will be able to apply them automatically.
Global Hint Resolve
  : basic_rt_facts.