Library prosa.model.schedule.preemption_time

Preemption Times

The preemption framework defines a generic predicate job_preemptable as the interface to various preemption models. Crucially, job_preemptable does not depend on the current schedule or the current time, but only on the job's progress, i.e., it indicates the presence or absence of a preemption point in the job's execution. In this section, we define the notion of a preemption time in an ideal uniprocessor schedule base on the progress of the currently scheduled job.
NB: For legacy reasons, the following definition are currently specific to ideal uniprocessor schedules. Lifting this assumption is future work (

Section PreemptionTime.

Consider any type of jobs, ...
  Context {Job : JobType}.

... any preemption model, ...
  Context `{JobPreemptable Job}.

... and any ideal uniprocessor schedule of such jobs.
We say that a time t is a preemption time iff the job that is currently scheduled at t, if any, can be preempted according to the predicate job_preemptable (which encodes the preemption model). An idle instant is always a preemption time.
  Definition preemption_time (t : instant) :=
    if sched t is Some j then
      job_preemptable j (service sched j t)
    else true.

End PreemptionTime.