Library prosa.util.nat

From mathcomp Require Import ssreflect ssrbool eqtype ssrnat seq fintype bigop div.
Require Export mathcomp.zify.zify.

Require Export prosa.util.tactics.

Additional lemmas about natural numbers.
Section NatLemmas.

First, we show that, given m p and n q, an expression (m + n) - (p + q) can be transformed into expression (m - p) + (n - q).
  Lemma subnACA m n p q : p m q n
    (m + n) - (p + q) = (m - p) + (n - q).

Next, we show that m + p n implies that m n - p. Note that this lemma is similar to ssreflect's lemma leq_subRL; however, the current lemma has no precondition n p, since it has only one direction.
  Lemma leq_subRL_impl m n p : m + n p n p - m.

Given constants a, b, c, z such that b a, if there is no constant m such that a = b + m × c, then it holds that there is no constant n such that a + z × c = b + n × c.
  Lemma mul_add_neq a b c z :
    b a
    ( m, a b + m × c)
     n, a + z × c b + n × c.

End NatLemmas.

In this section, we prove a lemma about intervals of natural numbers.
Section Interval.

Trivially, points before the start of an interval, or past the end of an interval, are not included in the interval.
  Lemma point_not_in_interval t1 t2 t' :
    t2 t' t' < t1
      t1 t < t2
      t t'.

End Interval.

(* ltn_leq_trans: Establish that m < p if m < n and n p, to mirror the
   lemma leq_ltn_trans in ssrnat.

   NB: There is a good reason for this lemma to be "missing" in ssrnat --
   since m < n is defined as m.+1 nltn_leq_trans is just
   m.+1 n n p m.+1 p, that is @leq_trans n m.+1 p.

   Nonetheless we introduce it here because an additional (even though
   arguably redundant) lemma doesn't hurt, and for newcomers the apparent
   absence of the mirror case of leq_ltn_trans can be somewhat confusing.  *)

Lemma ltn_leq_trans_deprecated [n m p] : m < n n p m < p.
#[deprecated(since="0.4",note="Use leq_trans instead since n < m is just a notation for n.+1 <= m (c.f., comment in util/nat.v).")]
Notation ltn_leq_trans := ltn_leq_trans_deprecated.