Library prosa.model.processor.spin

From mathcomp Require Import all_ssreflect.
Require Export prosa.behavior.all.

In the following, we define a processor state that includes the possibility of spinning, where spinning jobs do not progress (= don't get any service).
NB: For now, the definition serves only to document how this can be done; it is not actually used anywhere in the library.
Section State.

Consider any type of jobs.
  Variable Job: JobType.

We define the state of a processor at a given time to be one of three possible cases: either a specific job is scheduled and makes progress Progress j, a specific job is scheduled but makes not useful progress Spin j, or the processor is idle Idle.
  Inductive processor_state :=
  | Spin (j : Job)
  | Progress (j : Job).

Next, we define the semantics of the processor state with spinning.
  Section Service.

Let j denote any job.
    Variable j : Job.

It is scheduled in a given state s iff the state is not idle and j is the job mentioned in the state.
    Definition spin_scheduled_on (s : processor_state) (_ : unit) : bool :=
      match s with
      | Idlefalse
      | Spin j'j' == j
      | Progress j'j' == j

In contrast, job j receives service only if the given state s is Progress j.
    Definition spin_service_in (s : processor_state) : nat :=
      match s with
      | Idle ⇒ 0
      | Spin j' ⇒ 0
      | Progress j'j' == j

  End Service.

Finally, we connect the above definitions with the generic Prosa interface for abstract processor states.
  Global Program Instance pstate_instance : ProcessorState Job (processor_state) :=
      scheduled_on := spin_scheduled_on;
      service_in := spin_service_in
  Next Obligation.
    move: H.
    case: s=>//= j' /existsP.
    rewrite /nat_of_bool.
    case: ifP=>//=_[].
    by .
End State.