Library prosa.analysis.definitions.always_higher_priority

Always Higher Priority

In this section, we define what it means for a job to always have a higher priority than another job.
Consider any type of jobs ...
  Context {Job : JobType}.

... and any JLDP policy.
  Context `{JLDP_policy Job}.

We say that a job j1 always has higher priority than job j2 if, at any time t, the priority of job j1 is strictly higher than the priority of job j2.
  Definition always_higher_priority (j1 j2 : Job) :=
     t, hep_job_at t j1 j2 && ~~ hep_job_at t j2 j1.

End AlwaysHigherPriority.

We note that, under a job-level fixed-priority policy, the property is trivial since job priorities by definition do not change in this case.
Section UnderJLFP.
Consider any type of jobs ...
  Context {Job : JobType}.

... and any JLFP policy.
  Context `{JLFP_policy Job}.

The property always_higher_priority j j' is equivalent to a statement about hep_job.
  Fact always_higher_priority_jlfp :
     j j',
      always_higher_priority j j' (hep_job j j' && ~~ hep_job j' j).
    by movej j'; split ⇒ [|HP t]; [apply; exact: 0 | rewrite !hep_job_at_jlfp].

End UnderJLFP.