Library prosa.model.schedule.scheduled

Require Export prosa.behavior.all.
Require Export prosa.util.epsilon.

The Scheduled Job(s)

In this file, we provide a computable definition of the (set of) scheduled job(s) at a given point in time. Importantly, the below definition is independent of the type of processor state. Consequently, it can be used for case analyses in generic analyses (e.g., something is scheduled or not, without making assumptions on the specific type of processor state).

Section ScheduledJobs.
Consider any type of jobs, ...
  Context {Job : JobType}.

... any kind of processor, ...
  Context {PState : ProcessorState Job}.

... any arrival sequence, ...
  Variable arr_seq : arrival_sequence Job.

... and any schedule.
  Variable sched : schedule PState.

The set of jobs scheduled at time t can be obtained by filtering the set of all jobs that arrive at or before time t.
For the special case of uniprocessors, we define a convenience wrapper that reduces the sequence of scheduled jobs to an option Job.
  Definition scheduled_job_at t := ohead (scheduled_jobs_at t).

We also provide a convenience wrapper to express the absence of scheduled jobs.
  Definition is_idle t := scheduled_jobs_at t == [::].

End ScheduledJobs.