Documentation and Publications

In the following, we catalog available material related to Prosa, Coq and ssreflect.

Setup Instructions

Coq Foundations

Prosa Documentation

As a still young project, most of the documentation is very much a work in progress. Please consider contributing to Prosa by improving and correcting the available documentation, or by asking questions on the Prosa mailing list when the existing documentation is insufficient.

Prosa Artifacts

  1. ECRTS’16 Artifact Evaluation (v0.1): provides instructions for how to install the prerequisites, how to compile all proofs, how to check for incorrect proofs, how to enumerate all axioms, etc.

  2. Reduction-based analysis for APA Scheduling (v0.2): provides an overview of the APA-related definitions and proofs.

  3. Self-Suspending Tasks and Weak Sustainability (v0.3): explains the formalization of the proof of weak sustainability of the dynamic self-suspension model.

Prosa Guidelines


In reverse-chronological order: