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Who’s behind Prosa?

Prosa is an open-source project by and for real-time systems researchers. It is currently being maintained by the MPI-SWS real-time systems group.

The project was initially launched by Felipe Cerqueira and Björn Brandenburg of the real-time systems group at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS) in Kaiserlautern, Germany.

From 2018 until 2021, it was further developed by several groups as part of the French-German RT-Proofs project.

The goals of the Prosa project exceed the scope of what any single group can sustain in the long term. We therefore envision Prosa to transition into a true community effort and actively seek collaborators at all levels of expertise.

Joining the Open-Source Effort

Any and all contributions are welcome, including questions and suggestions, critiques and constructive criticism, patches, alternative formalizations, new directions, etc. As a first step, join the RT-PROOFS mailing list and say ‘hi’.

Joining the Team at MPI-SWS

If you have experience with formal methods and/or real-time systems and would be interested in working on Prosa, please contact us by email. Paid internships, funded PhD positions, and post-doc positions are available for qualified candidates.

The RT-PROOFS Mailing List

If you have technical questions about Prosa or would like to discuss about real-time scheduling proofs, please subscribe to the RT-PROOFS mailing list.