Library prosa.analysis.facts.busy_interval.arrival

In this module we collect some basic facts about arrival times in busy windows. These are primarily useful for proof automation.

Section Facts.

Consider any kind of jobs...
  Context {Job : JobType} `{JobArrival Job} `{JobCost Job}.
... and a JLFP policy defined on these jobs.
  Context `{JLFP_policy Job}.
Consider any processor state model.
  Context {PState : ProcessorState Job}.

Consider any schedule and arrival sequence.
  Variable sched : schedule PState.
  Variable arr_seq : arrival_sequence Job.

We note the trivial fact that, by definition, a job arrives after the beginning of its busy-interval prefix ...
  Fact busy_interval_prefix_job_arrival :
     j t t',
      busy_interval_prefix arr_seq sched j t t'
      t job_arrival j.
  Proof. by move⇒ ? ? ? [_ [_ [_ /andP [GEQ _]]]]. Qed.

... and hence also after the beginning of its busy interval.
  Fact busy_interval_job_arrival :
     j t t',
      busy_interval arr_seq sched j t t'
      t job_arrival j.
    move⇒ ? ? ? [PREFIX _].
    by eauto using busy_interval_prefix_job_arrival.

End Facts.

We add the above facts into the "Hint Database" basic_rt_facts, so Coq will be able to apply them automatically where needed.
Global Hint Resolve
  : basic_rt_facts.